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As parents, you want to give your children the tools for a fulfilling life, which includes a good understanding of finances. Financial behavior is driven by deeply psychological factors, and…
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Feeling stuck is when you see yourself fall in the same pattern of behaviors or thoughts over and over again, and you feel you cannot move forward. It's uncomfortable to…
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How does therapy help build a healthy relationship with wealth? Wealth is a powerful responsibility and opportunity that may carry challenges. This is especially true for those who are new…
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Self-awareness is the ability to recognize your emotions, understand your feelings, react thoughtfully, and not be driven by unconscious motivations. This is the foundation for understanding how your thoughts and…
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What is Depression? Depression is a serious medical condition that affects the way you feel emotionally but can also show itself in physical symptoms. It may cause a state of…
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Anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental health issues today and greatly detracts from the overall quality of life for many of my clients. The root causes of anxiety…
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Enjoying a healthy relationship with our family members, friends or significant others comes from self-awareness. A clear understanding of who you are separate from others is the foundation of building…
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Everything You Need to Know About Psychotherapy I believe that education is everything. I’ve created these blog posts for you to learn the specifics of what I do in my…
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As children, how your parents or caretakers communicated with you, treated you, and expressed their feelings to you was internalized at a young age and is likely influencing how you…
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Every family has its own unique and special dynamic and way of operating. Connection, trust, unity and harmony rooted in strong communication and shared values is the greatest wealth that…
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In addition to therapy, another form of support for insomnia, anxiety, depression or despair, clarity and increasing happiness can be plant medicine and essential oils. Essential oils are natural oils,…
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