Psychotherapy is a process of expanding your self awareness to find deeper clarity, confidence, and fulfillment in your life.

My Approach

I practice talk therapy, which is one on one sessions where I work with clients in a conversational format. I have a specialty in psychodynamics, which is the deeper investigation of how someone’s upbringing and life experiences shape their present day. This knowledge of the past helps us have a better understanding of our subconscious beliefs, the motivations that drive us, the assumptions we make, and how to resolve past in order to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Is Therapy Right For You?

Simply put, therapy is an effective process for anyone needing support in their life. Whether you want to grow personally and achieve your goals, need help navigating an unexpected hardship in your life, are struggling in your relationships, the support of therapy can help. Many come to me seeking relief from mental health issues such as depression, PTSD, eating disorders, anxiety, and OCD, and have found therapy to be helpful as well. Therapy is a well researched medical practice that has been proven effective in creating positive changes in the brain, body, mental, and emotional wellbeing of clients.

Wherever you are in your life and hope to go, therapy can help you get there.

What to Expect in a Psychotherapy Session?

Psychotherapy sessions are usually 45 minutes in duration, ranging from once a week to once a month. I am currently offering sessions in person at my office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In a therapy session, the psychotherapist and their client work together to establish a strong relationship that is grounded in dialog and is honest, open and supportive. We’ll work collaboratively to determine how to approach each session. Sometimes that will mean addressing specific issues that come up in your daily life. Other times, we may focus solely on your past experiences in childhood, family dynamics, memorable experiences, or other elements from your past. While I work differently with each client, with everyone we dig deep into the core of what they are experiencing and look beyond the immediate issues.

When To Consider A Session?

The great thing about psychotherapy is that you can work with a therapist on just about any topic or issue that you need to address in your life. In this line of practice some may need to deal with complex issues piling up which lead to a state of overwhelm, anxiety and/or depression. Others may be coping with serious illness, relationship issues, anger or grief, while others are interested in exploring and establishing a deeper understanding of oneself.

Let's Work Together

In working with me, my hope is that you feel more educated, inspired and empowered to navigate the depth of yourself. I hope to create an atmosphere that is conducive to growth and self exploration, ultimately helping you to live in accordance with your true self.
If you’re interested in working with me, please book a session through the contact page. I am here for you, and I look forward to working with you.


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“When my husband died suddenly, I did not know Madeha very well and was reluctant to confide in her. Madeha, however, recognized the depth of my despair, how I was suppressing my grief, and the mask of strength I was putting on for the benefit of my kids in order to keep going. She never left me even on the days where I was stubbornly silent. She became a constant presence in my life, and slowly I allowed myself to be comforted by her presence and her understanding of what I was going through. Her support and guidance eased my grieving process and helped me feel more secure and supported in my life. Over the years she has supported and guided me through difficult situations, even when I was unable to vocalize my difficulties. I can safely say that her steadfast support in times of need have changed my life. She is a deeply talented and knowledgeable psychologist.”

In-Person Session

I am here for you; let's get started on your journey of personal growth. Reach out today to schedule your first appointment!

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