I have developed a series of interactive online workshops that will help you navigate specific issues in your life. These workshops and will provide you with insights on how to cope by using tools and skills that will greatly improve your life.

Madeha AIAjroush | Overcoming Anxiety Workshop

This is a workshop that teaches you to welcome the challenges, value each step, invite calmness and clarity into the process, and celebrate every victory!

Madeha AIAjroush | Money Literacy

A self-guided workshop for parents to gain a full understanding for the relationship we share with money and to empower their child with the same education to establish a healthy relationship with finances from the inside out

Madeha AIAjroush | Make and Keep your New Year Resolution Workbook

This work sheet will help you to identify a goal and increase your potential for success. You will gain a solid clear goal in mind that you can make it happen.