How does therapy help build a healthy relationship with wealth?

Wealth is a powerful responsibility and opportunity that may carry challenges. This is especially true for those who are new to experiencing financial abundance (through inheritance or professional success) and the expectations, demands, and change it requires.

Wealth psychology is helpful for people who are experiencing challenges as it relates to finances, wealth, and material abundance. Its focus is on the beliefs, values, and attitudes that people have towards money in order to understand self-limiting financial beliefs and behaviors.

Wealth psychology can help formulate ideas on ways families or individuals can build a legacy from one generation to another in a way that is aligned with their values. This therapeutic process brings more ease, confidence, clarity and success to financial matters.

Challenges Affluent Individuals May Have

Some of the issues wealthy individuals may struggle with include high family expectations that come with inherited wealth and a lack of personal identity required to fulfill those expectations. These individuals can also feel unworthy for not having paved their own way, disinterest in continuing the family business, or a lack of independence due to familial expectation to maintain a certain image or lifestyle.

Affluent parents may struggle with their desire to teach children financial responsibility, wanting to pass on the same work ethic that created the financial abundance in their lives.

How to Overcome the Challenges

As a way to begin investigating your relationship to wealth, it is important to look closely at your personal values apart from the expectations passed on to you by your family. This will allow you to understand the root of your challenges and how to bring alignment between your values, family and societal expectations, and your behavioral responses to wealth.  Working through these difficulties with a psychotherapist who has expertise in wealth psychology will allow you to make changes that leave you feeling confident and empowered.

“My hope is that you feel educated and confident in navigating your relationship with money and wealth.”

The Importance of Wealth Psychology

Wealth psychology is important because it can help in developing a sense of identity and self-worth that is separate from family while still maintaining unity and harmony with family. In the process of working with and understanding wealth psychology, you will discover more of yourself, your passion and the legacy that you want to build, regardless of the money you may or may not have.

Equally as important, therapy will help you build your sense of self and identity so that it is not defined by monetary gain and achievement.

My hope is that you feel educated and confident in navigating your relationship with money and wealth. Together, I work with my clients to help them build a financial identity that brings peace of mind, personal fulfillment, and a clear connection with their values.

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