Did you know that our bodies are comprised of naturally occurring magnetic and energetics surrounding and within our fields? And that the magnetic field is related to your mental health? What happens when you don’t have enough magnetic and energy flowing through your body?

Since, all of our molecules have small amounts of magnetic energy within them when these magnetic fields are out of balance, it can lead to issues within the body, specifically in the mind. The body’s natural magnetic field is created by the flow of electrically charged ions in and out of cells and the transmission of electric impulses through cell membranes. By introducing the body to another magnetic field, your magnetic fields are able to be placed back into balance. 

What is Electromagnetic Therapy?

Electromagnetic Therapy emits pulsating electromagnetic fields into the body and utilizes the principles of brainwave entrainment and brain stimulation. This treatment allows for the stimulation of nerve cells,  regeneration of nerve fibers, improved sleep patterns, and therefore, increased creativity and mood positivity. This kind of therapy is used in combination with antidepressants in those who suffer from depression and also do not respond to antidepressants on their own. The additional Magnetic Field supports the cells to recharge themselves, healing the problem from within. 

There are multiple techniques to using these potentially powerful magnetic currents to heal which include Static Magnetic Field Therapy, Electromagnetic Therapy, and Magnetic Therapy paired with acupuncture. Static Magnetic Field Therapy is used by touching a magnet to your skin in a specific place through jewelry, shoes, or another accessory or you sleep on a special mattress pad with a magnet in it Electromagnetic Therapy uses magnets with electric charge to send electric pulses through your entire body. 

Magnetic therapy with acupuncture takes place as magnets are placed in the areas where an acupuncturist would target based on your energy pathways and the flow of energy (or energy blockages) at various areas. Each technique utilizes a unique perspective on how the energy flows through the body and therefore, heals.

Electromagnetic Therapy in Depression and Anxiety

As levels of depression and anxiety are increasing over time, the power of antidepressants are decreasing leaving many with open minds to new treatments. Electromagnetic Therapy emits electromagnetic fields which pulsate to interact with and stimulate brain activity. Brainwave entrainment is a practice ensuring brain neurons are functioning in the most optimum electromagnetic frequencies. Through brain stimulation, a potential effect is improved hormonal balance, which in turn supports improved mood and anti-depression effects, raising the vibration of the person as a whole. Through Electromagnetic Therapy, brain tissues regenerate, neuronal matter functions optimally and cellular ageing reverses

These impacts allow for the healthiest version of the human brain and therefore, the most supportive brain function. This supports enhanced creativity, focus, and cognition within the healthy brain. Electromagnetic Therapy has been tested throughout multiple experiments and continues to do so, in hopes of powerful support in the positive effects on the patient, and therefore depression. 

What are the Benefits?

There are many potential benefits to electromagnetic therapies, on the basis of the interaction between the magnetic fields and electric currents within the body. As the body’s magnetic field flows through ions, bringing another magnetic field to the area can influence ion exchange at the cellular level. This can increase oxygen utilization of diseased or damaged tissues, allowing for cells to create energy for function and repair. Improved interconnection among the entire human body is supported through electromagnetic therapy, allowing all systems to be in complete flow. 

Those struggling with depression and anxiety can be supported by Electromagnetic Therapy due to its powerful regeneration and stimulation abilities. An incredible aspect of Electromagnetic Therapy is that it allows for so many to have the opportunity to grow and heal, through using principles of the magnetic and energetic aspects natural to the human body. 

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